Tuesday, November 6, 2012

* Klutz Glossy Bands Stretchy Bracelet Making Kit Review

The girls and I have really enjoyed our roles as Klutz Brand Ambassadors.
When our goodie box of Klutz books and craft kits arrived,
this book, the Glossy Bands book was the first one that "E" my 9 year old wanted to rip into! 
She has been begging me to let her play with it so that's what we did last week.
The book comes with very easy to read and follow directions.

"E" was super excited, pardon her half-way crazy expression in this photo!

You cut out little plastic sheets to lay on top of the full color page templates
and follow a pattern on the page to make the design you want.
The kit comes with 4 different tubes of their special non-toxic "glossy band" paint. 

So you can see "E" making the green dots, then the blue dots on this page.

Then she used the included toothpick to blend the paints
 and make a cool swirly marble effect!

Then she moved on to another pattern and loved it.

She loved it so much we made several bracelets!

The glossy bands have to dry for 24 hours 
before you peel them off of the plastic sheet. 
Just set them aside somewhere safe (away from curious dogs and little sisters!)
These little bracelets are fun to make for friends and as collars 
for your favorite stuffed animal friends. 

Once they were dry, they peeled right off.
They stick to themselves and can be worn several times.
It was really fun for "E" to make some wearable art!
If you want to make rings, you just cut them up or make shorter line segments.

This project was a huge hit with my 9 year old and we plan to pick 
some up to give to friends as birthday gifts.

Note: I will say that the paint comes out very quickly so it can be a bit tricky
to figure out how hard or soft to squeeze the bottle, the kit says ages 8 and up.
We feel like this kit would be a bit better for an older child - perhaps 10-13 years old. 
"E" (age 9 1/2) was able to do it with some help from me but even she suggested
that it might be better for a child who is a bit older. 

Overall, I do recommend this very fun craft kit from Klutz. 
You can find it here at their website with dozens of other great books and craft kits! 
There is sure to be something for everyone on your holiday shopping list!

Pink and Green Mama
Disclosure: All opinions expressed are my own.
My family and I did receive Klutz books and craft supplies for this post. 

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