Wednesday, December 5, 2012

* Kiwi CratePipe Cleaner Christmas Tree Craft Review

My wonderful friends over at Kiwi Crate and the Studio website recently
sent the girls this wonderful Pipe Cleaner Christmas Tree Craft to play with.
They are launching a fun new program with craft kits that go along with
the projects posted on their website. 
Find a project you like then you just click and craft -- order the kit to be
shipped to your home and you'll have all the supplies you need to make 
a project at home with your own kids!  

They sent us the Pipe Cleaner Christmas Tree Kit. 
It's very cute when it's finished and the best part is that it's mess free!
My daughter finished making it in about 45 minutes.

First she fit together the wooden spool and dowel rod to make the base.
Then she began wrapping it with pipe cleaners to make a tree shape. 
This part was a little tricky, once she got started, 
she got the hang of it and it was a lot easier for her. 
The kit includes a handy instruction sheet and you can view the steps on the website as well. 

It says it's for ages 3+ but my 9 year old thought it was a bit tricky 
so I would recommend this kit for school-age children. 
If you want to make one with a preschooler, be prepared to provide a lot of hands-on assistance. 

After she constructed the tree it was time to decorate it.

Her favorite part was making the garland with the sparkly pipe cleaners!

E's completed tree sitting on the mantel in our art studio.
Reminds us of Charlie Brown's little tree! 
I think these little craft kits are a fun way to enjoy some quality family 
crafting time in December. We have a basket filled with craft supplies
and kits in the art studio to encourage the girls to sit down and play
all month long -- mommy enjoys the added benefit of getting to play and create with them!

If you want to make your own Pipe Cleaner tree, you 
can order the kit here
Happy Holidays from our Art Studio to Yours!

Pink and Green Mama,
Disclosure: I did not receive money to write this review.
I do not get paid for any kits sold by Kiwi Crate from my review. 
All opinions expressed are my own. My family did receive a craft kit to play with!

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