Saturday, January 19, 2013

* Blog Makeover and Update

Some of you may have noticed that my blog has been acting a bit strangely over the past few days. 
Your mind is not playing tricks on you -- I've been typing away like a crazy woman trying to fix my blog. A few days ago half of my blog disappeared along with my blog designer from 5 years ago. She vanished and so did half of my stuff. It left me scrambling to fix everything and if we're being honest,
I'm much more comfortable with felt and Mod Podge than I am with coding and computer stuff! I decided to use the "opportunity" that was given to me as a chance to make a fresh start for the new year. I'm doing some blog housekeeping and fixing some glitches that have been neglected for a while. 

I always clean out the house and purge a lot of stuff around the holidays to take back some of my OCD control over the clutter and chaos of the holidays. I take down holiday decorations and streamline countertops and bookshelves. I frequently rearrange furniture this time of year to create more space. I'm also streamlining my blog and clearing some clutter as well. You should see underneath my bathroom cabinets and my closets right now -- they're awesome! I hope you all like the new design and format. 

I'm doing the best I can here but I also have a house to run, a dog to walk, art lessons to teach at school, and kids to raise so it's taking a bit longer than I would like. Please be patient with any funny spots or glitches you may encounter on my site right now! 

I'm also in the middle of planning birthday parties for both girls. As you know, we like to do fun themed parties every year with lots of personalized touches. The girls have birthdays that are exactly two weeks apart so I'm gearing up for a double header of birthday parties as well as making class valentines and fixing my blog mess! Thank goodness they have small parties with their most special friends, otherwise I'd have a nervous breakdown right now. I'm excited to see where this new year goes, I have a lot of fun project ideas I'm looking forward to sharing with you. 

In the meantime, here's a sneak peek of the homemade felt birthday banners, I've been working on this week. If you follow me on Instagram, I shared this photo earlier this week before the blog crash. I'm PINKANDGREENMAMA on Instagram if you want to follow me -- I apologize for the all caps, it looks like I'm yelling. 

"E" is planning an Ocean Themed bash for her 10th birthday in March with blue and green as the color scheme. "C" is planning a pink and purple Rapunzel Princess party for her 6th birthday in February. I'm making them each a new banner since our original Rainbow birthday banner doesn't really match their parties! 

Thanks for sticking with me. New fun stuff is on it's way, I promise! 

Pink and Green Mama

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