Thursday, June 20, 2013

Easy Canvas Prints Review and Greyhound Love. @easycanvas

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When Easy Canvas Prints contacted me and offered me the opportunity to try out their website and make my own canvas I was super excited. Then I realized I was going to make one of my kids very unhappy if I picked a photo of one child and not the other. 
I could not find a recent photo with both of my children smiling that I wanted on a canvas 
so instead I picked my "furry kid" and avoided hurt feelings. 

We adopted Pippi, our retired racing greyhound rescue from Florida this fall. 
Her racing name was "Wild Pipsqueek" hence the name "Pippi" now. 
She is the best dog in the world and we are all madly in love with her. 
She is my best buddy and spends the day glued to my side. 
The girls adore her and everyone who meets her remarks 
about how sweet and gentle and quiet(!) she is. 

Then, I looked through our recent family photos and liked this one of sweet Pippi
hanging out with the girls in the backyard. It's one of the rare photos where she isn't sleeping!
This wasn't the prettiest photo background with my chipping outdoor furniture and dead grass
but I loved her sweet face.
 The website lets you design custom canvas prints anyway you want, 
so I switched the color to sepia and cropped the whole photo.  
Once the crazy background became neutral, Pippi became the star attraction (that she is) and 
I really liked it! I selected a 12" x 12" canvas with wrapped black edges. I love squares (and circles.) 
I find that size and shape very comforting -- probably because I've been a scrapbooker for years!

See that weird white speck? I thought it was something stuck on Pippi's head 
(like a piece of fluff from the yard) so it wasn't until I uploaded the photo to the Easy Canvas Prints website and edited my picture to make it "Sepia" that I realized there was some crud stuck on my camera lens. Whoops. Couldn't take it off the photo but I don't mind it. 

Everything arrived in perfect condition. 
They did a great job of packaging the canvas so it wouldn't slide around 
and the corners were protected from getting smashed on the UPS truck!
My canvas arrived quickly and in great shape. 
I put the canvas on a floating shelf in my bedroom 
with another piece of artwork from Mod Dog Shop on Etsy
and a little ceramic greyhound I picked up on clearance ($6!) at Target this fall. 

My mini greyhound shrine --- I look like a crazy greyhound lady.
But, I guess I kind of am. She really is the BEST. dog. ever. 
Now, I'm planning to paint my floating shelves with some Annie Sloan chalk paint
and give our room a mini makeover to match our cute new artwork! 
I couldn't be happier with the way my print of my sweet fur baby turned out. 

Any other greyhound owners (lovers) out there? 
I even have a greyhound board called 50 Shades of Greyhound - har! 
You can see what Pippi is up to on my Instagram page

Pink and Green Mama, MaryLea

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