Friday, August 23, 2013

Do You Doodle While You Noodle? Pentel Pen Review #Sponsored #Pentel

Sponsored Post Disclosure: This post was sponsored by Pentel and contains links. 
I received compensation from Pentel to write this review. As always, all opinions expressed are my own. 

Do you doodle while you noodle?
 I do. I always have. 
All of my folders, notebooks, notepads, 
and the edges of my handouts in school had doodles on them.
It helps me think. 
Chewing gum seems to help me focus too - I figured that out while I write at my computer. 
I have an easier time listening when I am drawing at the same time. 
I was diagnosed with an auditory processing learning disability
 in college and I always wondered if drawing (or chewing gum) at the same time 
helps my brain focus on the listening that is has such a hard time with. 

My friends at Pentel hooked me up with my own supply of Back to School pens. 
My personal favorites are the RSVP retractable ball point pens 
and the EnerGel-X pens pictured above. 
They are made with 59% and 84% recycled plastic and don't smear while you're doodling, 
I mean...ahem, taking very important notes. 
As a Lefty, the no smearing thing is a big deal because I end up dragging my own hand 
through my own art work and handwriting.
 Both pens are refillable, I plus in my book! 
I'm also a fan of retractable pens because I don't like keeping track of lids while I'm working.
My husband even swiped some of my Pentel pens for his own work bag, he's a fan too. 

Happy Doodling! 

Pink and Green Mama, MaryLea 

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