Sunday, August 25, 2013

Little Passports: A Global Adventure Product Review #sponsored @littlepassports

Sponsored Post Disclosure: My family received products from Little Passports to write this review. 
This post does contain affiliate links that help pay for the free lessons and crafts I provide on this blog. 
As always, all opinions expressed are my own. 
The girls and I love to create, play, and EXPLORE! 
We were so excited when our friends at Little Passports offered to send us 
our own Global Adventure pack to explore the globe.
We received our adorable little blue and green suitcase this week filled with
 a map, passport, activity sheet, and a letter. 

I have to be honest with you, my girls are very well behaved and get along beautifully but...
 they are sisters and there is SOME sibling rivalry. Sharing is HARD.
 I would not be telling you the truth if I said there wasn't a bit of a disagreement 
when our first package arrived addressed to BOTH girls -- each of them wanted their OWN suitcase. 
I explained that life isn't always fair and that we would be going on our adventure
 together, as a family.
So, we adapted our passport to be a "family" passport instead of an individual passport. 
Everyone got over their hurt feelings and moved on. 
Both girls like the website and worked on the activity sheet together. 

Each month, the girls will receive a package in the mail filled with letters, 
stickers, souvenirs, and photos exploring a different country 
with our fictional friends Sam and Sofia. 
It's a great way to discover and learn about other countries and cultures
 from the comfort of home. 
(My mom was visiting us when it arrived and loved it -- she was ready to sign up for her own little suitcase to plan her retirement travel adventures with my dad!)

My own girls are 6 and 10 years old - the perfect age for this adventure. 
and their 

To further enrich our global experience, 
I am planning to develop an art lesson or craft relevant to each country every month
as another way to explore that region of the world with the girls. 
We will check out some books from our library about the region and try to make or find some 
food or a snack from that area as well. I think I'm as excited about this program as they are!

If you want to enjoy your own monthly adventures and watch your own kids
(or grandchildren!)  race to the mailbox every month, 
or follow the link on my sidebar button (on the right side of my blog!) 

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