Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Tween Craft: Making Homemade Books With Kids (and an Artterro Kit Giveaway!)

Disclosure: This is a sponsored post. 
My family received Artterro craft kits in exchange for this post. As always, all opinions are my own and truthful.

My super creative, crafty mama friends at Artterro are up to it again, they have improved 
their beautiful eco art kits -- what a perfect way to celebrate Earth Day! 
I can't say enough good things about Artterro Eco Art Kits, they are filled with gorgeous art materials that encourage open ended and creative projects. The art kits are very family friendly and make wonderful gifts for kids, especially (in my opinion) impossible to shop for Tweens! 

Their motto: "Where Creativity Comes Naturally" is spot on. 
Their Eco Art Kits inspires creativity and design skills in artists of all ages - my girls love them! 

The girls and I were so excited to be given an opportunity to create, play, and explore with two of their kits, 
the Bookmaking Kit and the Bubble Wand making Kit. 
We traveled out of town to Portland this Easter weekend but got back into town on Sunday in time to spend some afternoon kitchen table mother-daughter crafting time with the Bookmaking Kit. The girls and I loved it! 

The kit was filled with gorgeous sheets of handmade papers in a bunch of different colors. This would be a perfect tween party craft project or after school playdate activity -- although I think I embarrass my own tween,  
11 year-old "E" when I call hangouts with her friends "playdates"! 

The girls enjoyed sorting the papers and picking out the best color schemes. 
They are great little designers. Once they got it all laid out, I helped them sew the binding together 
with the included needles, embroidery floss, and beads. 
The only supplies we had to provide were glue and scissors, everything else was in the kit!

"E" layered different papers inside her book and created  little pockets.
She has decided that making her own books and journals is completely awesome.

"C" my 7 year-old, loved making her own little set of pink and purple journals and blank books.

She's planning to write and illustrate a lot of little books this way.

I think the scalloped "C" journal is intended as her new secret diary -- shhh!

As a sustainable brand, Arterro was able to develop new packaging without sacrificing their values, 
something I really admire about their company. 
On Earth Day, April 22, 2104, Artterro is relaunching their line of Eco Art Kits by adding extra materials to their whole product line and re-designing their sustainable outer box packaging so your craft kit box and insert tray becomes another art project. It's not just something disposable to be tossed into the garbage or recycling - the packaging becomes yet another art material with which to create and explore!

Their Eco Art Kits are now packaged in 100%recycled cardboard produced by Green Bay Packaging in Wisconsin. The sturdy outer box is this playful shape - it could be turned into a mailbox, a birdhouse, 
or a special treasure box. 

The girls transformed ours into a birdhouse! 
I love the idea of reusable and recycled packaging - I wish our other toys came this way!

The inner tray from the package slides out and can be decorated as a frame or shadow box. 
See the little clever hanger that pops up on the photo below -- ready to hang on the wall - Genius! 

The girls and I can't wait to dig into our Bubble Wand kit on our next crafty playdate! 

More reasons we love Artterro

 As always, their gorgeous Eco Art Kits feature: 
- Beautiful Natural Materials
- Open-Ended Project Ideas for more Creative Exploration 
(you won't find cookie-cutter crafts with these kits!)
- Tips and Ideas to help you get started on their beautiful, full color glossy bands wrapped around each package as well as a full color instruction booklet inside!
- Eco Packaging  (100% recycled, made with green energy and soy ink) 
- Assembled by hand (and with lots of love) in Madison, Wisconsin (home of my beloved Badgers)

Pink and Green Mama,

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