Friday, June 27, 2014

4 Super FUN Patriotic Ideas to Celebrate the 4th of July or Canada Day Outdoors with Your Kids!

This post first appeared on my blog on July 2013, 
I'm sharing it again today because the ideas are still full of fun and
 a perfect way to kick off your summer memory making! 

Here are 4 quick and easy (F-U-N) ideas to entertain your kids outside 
this 4th of July or to celebrate Canada Day!
I bet you already have everything you need in your house!

Making 4th of July Flour-Sifted Stars for your lawn, driveway, or sidewalk 
are a fun and easy 4th of July craft that is fun for kids and adults alike! 

All you need is some cardboard (a box works best - especially a lid or a pizza box) to make a stencil, 
a spray bottle of water, and a flour sifter with white flour. 

We use dollar store shaving cream then run through the sprinkler after!
NOTE: You might want to put goggles on your kids so they don't get any shaving cream in their eyes!

 Line up some TP tubes in the backyard for water gun or super soaker target practice. 
Kids can decorate them with sharpies, markers, or colored tape.

Make some DIY Pipe Cleaner Bubble Wands with beads and pipecleaners (click HERE for the post)
and see who can blow the most bubbles! 

Wishing you and your family a fun-filled 4th of July and/or Canada Day! 

If you are looking for even more ways to have fun with kids in your own backyard this summer, 
check out my "Backyard Fun" ebook
(With 13 Arts and Crafts Lessons to make cool stuff for your own yard!)

Pink and Green Mama, MaryLea
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