Friday, July 25, 2014

Imaginative Play: Cardboard Box Machine #playmatters

Cardboard boxes are one of our favorite craft supplies for imaginative play. 
Between moving twice in the past 6 months and my husband's job building houses, 
we have access to a pretty steady stream of awesome cardboard boxes around here!

One recent weekend, I came upstairs and found this. 
The girls converted a huge appliance box into a multi-purpose "machine." 

They spent an entire day working on the cardboard box machine together, 
then invited my husband and me to come try it.

The cardboard box machine had different functions on each side.
One side was the "Copy Cat" 
There was a slot to insert your drawing on a piece of paper and the copy cat 
(also known as my 7 year old daughter "C") would draw a copy on another piece of paper
and return both drawings to you. 

Here is an example of the Giraffe we submitted for copying services. 

The math machine was run by my older daughter "E." 
 My husband submitted a couple of challenging math problems for her. 
This Mom isn't math savvy enough to know if the answers were correct 
but Dad and "E" assured me that they were!

For the Music Machine, we were asked to select a CD and insert it into a slot. 
They plugged in a CD player inside the box and played music for us with it. 

I even sneaked around back and got a quick (and blurry!) behind the scenes photo 
before they started yelling at me to go away and stop snooping! 

Over the course of the next few weeks the box also became a house, 
an animal hospital, a craft shop, a dress store, and a coffee shop. 
I love seeing imaginative play at work and collaborative play projects like this seem 
to bring out the best in their sister/sibling relationship. 
I also love that we can break the whole thing down and recycle it when we're all done!

Do your kids love playing with boxes? 

This reminds me of their last "Machine Alley" creation when they built a city of machines
in our hallway out of boxes! Remember this?  Here's a link.

Pink and Green Mama, MaryLea

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