Saturday, July 5, 2014

Summer ART Bucket List - Prevent Summer Break Boredom by Keeping Kids (and Parents) Entertained with Fun Art Projects and Activities!

We are officially one month into our summer vacation and trying to find the right balance of scheduled activities with enough downtime at home to keep everyone in our family sane and not go broke during summer break! 
The girls and I decided to come up with our own Summer ART Bucket List 
to have some artsy crafty fun (on a budget) to look forward to in the next few weeks. 
I thought I'd share our list with you in case you are looking for your own summer, artsy fun inspiration! 
As we knock projects off our list (in no particular order) 
I'll share photos here and on Instagram so you can see what we came up with! 
A couple of our projects are oldies but goodies (#1,3,4,6, and 10) 
and some of the projects are new, open-ended art experiences for our family to enjoy together. 

Here are links to some of our past projects if you're looking for inspiration to get started! 

 Note: We are planning to make these gazing balls and wish flags again for our school garden!

More Prayer Garden Flag Inspiration can be found here and here.
Start A Sketchbook Inspiration can be found here and here.
Carve a Stamp Inspiration and Instructions can be found here and here.
Cross Stitch Inspiration and Ideas can be found here (burlap mandala), here , here, and here.
Watercolor on Yupo idea here.
Make a Tunnel Book here,  here, and wonderful inspiration here.
Make Texture Papers for Collages here.

Happy Art Making! 
Pink and Green Mama, MaryLea

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