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Share your Pink and Green Mama Blog inspired projects with me here! 
I love it when readers email me photos of their projects from the blog 
and from my E-book lessons.
I would love to show and tell your creations here. 
So drop me a line and send me your photos so I can share them here!


I found your blog sometime this summer and love, love, love it!  I am a kindergarten teacher at a Christian school and have already used some of your ideas.  The art teacher and I work closely together and we have really enjoyed seeing some of your great projects.  (Working on seeing more and more of them.)

I'm crazy for the colored glue - and the children loved it.  I've attached a sample of what we did with fish.  They had so much fun!  Thought you might like to see it.

Tomorrow we are doing autumn leaves the same way - imagine my surprise when I opened your page today and saw. . . leaves!  Only we are doing ours on paper like the fish - I've had very poor luck using glue on wax paper.  :(  Yours look great though...

Thanks again for all the effort you put into your blog - I so appreciate all the time you clearly dedicate to it!


These two cuties, Samantha and Jillian had a great time with my
Kandinksy art lesson and they love to make art in their PJs just like some other little girls I know!

Here's a great testimonial from another reader and some images
from a wonderful art show she put together with her students using my ebooks! 

"Hello MaryLea! I am a customer of yours who has utilized your Exploring Great Artists I & II for the past two years and I want to say an emphatic "Thank You!" for your wonderful lesson plans!  I teach Pre-K to a group of eleven 5-year olds and, although I inherited an art appreciation program when I began teaching 5 years ago, I love the new touches I've been able to add to the program due to your easy-to-follow lessons.  This past Wednesday was my annual Art Show and parents were wowed, students were beaming, and I was full of pride.  I'd love for you to see in the photos below what you've helped me accomplish.  You are a terrific resource and I look forward to using more of your lessons in the future!!"

Many Thanks, Chrissy Farias
Lead Pre-K Teacher The Loft School Marion, MA

"Hi! I saw your under construction sensory box on Pinterest and had to make one for my son's construction themed 3rd birthday party. Everyone loved it! Thanks for the great idea!!" ~Kathy Schwerdt

We had a a lot of fun making this one!
Thanks for the inspiration.
Amanda Young

Hi There, 
I am a huge fan of yours and just wanted to thank you for such wonderful inspiration. My daughter has sensory processing disorder and art has been a huge help for her in every way.  I wanted to share with you a photo of the fairy house I (santa) built thanks to your tutorial. She loves it.
Thank you for all you do. It is a blessing for many. I will continue to follow as long as you are blogging. ;)
Happy New Year!

Melissa Allen


Tiphaine shared the doll clothing organization project she did with her daughter
based on my post about organizing our own doll clothes with me!

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